GDPR: Your Opportunities as a Destination Service Provider



As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline grows ever closer, many businesses are (quite rightly) worrying about all the problems it could cause and are working to get their systems and workflows ready. What many do not realise however is that although the preparation may be painful for many, the legislation will actually benefit many companies, if thought about and used correctly. Destination service providers (DSPs) in particular stand to benefit considerably if they play their cards right and get ahead of the game.


Bring Your Clients GDPR Compliance

A key point to keep in mind when thinking about how to leverage GDPR to grow your business is that it is all parts of the industry which are required to become compliant, not just larger relocation management companies (RMCs) and DSPs. This means that many businesses will be specifically looking for service providers who are not only GDPR compliant themselves but can aid them in their own journey to compliance. Showing others that you know and understand the consequences of the new laws gives confidence and can attract these customers.


It is worth remembering that these larger firms have many moving parts which all need to be compliant, even down to the smaller auxiliary companies which make up their global mobility portfolio. By already being up to date with the impending regulations you can show that you will fit well into their network while bringing expertise in your area which they might not get from other organisations in your position.


Quality Breeds Quantity

Ensuring that you are ready for the new laws before their introduction can then become a perfect selling point when finding clients. Having your house in order with respect to the increased levels of data protection required for GDPR is a real sign of quality, and should be pushed to your customers. Being a higher quality organisation, you can also begin to increase the price of your services while becoming more of a prominent group in your industry area.


As the impending date of the law change grows ever closer, more supply chain managers, either clients or RMCs, will be looking for high-quality DSPs which can prove GDPR compliance. If you can clearly show to potential partners and customers that you are following the guidelines appropriately, you will become a desirable business by default in the current market and will hold an attractive position.


Build Your Business

Becoming GDPR compliant is a requirement, but it includes a variety of stepping stones to other business quality accreditations and certifications, such ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, markers of high quality and competency across all industries. Therefore, these awards could easily be achieved with a little more effort on top of the GDPR compliance process.


Ensuring that you have the correct management system in place with help to you understand and interpret the GDPR requirements effectively into workflows which work and improve your business. Eventual auditors will require your business and basic working methods to be in good shape, and you will find that preparing for GDPR and ISO certification share many of the same steps. 


The reason that these certifications share so much between them is that they genuinely work towards creating a better, higher quality business, and aim to professionalise any profession. Many of the other accreditations available are for general business but transfer excellently to the global mobility sector as they ensure smooth and efficient management and workflows, which are especially useful in such a complex working environment.



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