The 7 Best Project Management Tools for Your Business


Keeping track of everything going on in your business can be difficult at the best of times. This week, Global Mobility Insider takes a look through seven of the best general-purpose project management tools currently available. None of these were built with the relocation industry in mind, but can be put to immediate use by any business looking to improve and organise their workflows.


These programs are good examples of what you should be expecting from your technology providers, to effectively service you in your role as a global mobility manager. Study these offerings and talk to your technology department to see if something similar can be built, or obtained for your company. The software solutions listed here are a great benchmark for your dive into the world of automation, quality control and project management, for the complex environment of global mobility.


Asana – $0 to $10 per user month

A fully featured end-to-end project management solution, Asana is an excellent choice for smaller businesses which are moving towards more complicated projects. It has a great suite of tools including tasks management, dashboards and communication build in, and they’re all available for free for up to 15 users, although not in a particularly configurable state.


For companies who want to expand further, the paid version offers much more variety in terms of what can be achieved and logged within the system, and also allows admin controls for managers. Although ideal for many small companies, Asana is hampered by a lack of offline access and a somewhat ineffective search feature.


Cammsproject - $15 to $40 per user month

Cammsproject is a product which has the potential to do everything you need in a project management tool, from small schemes where you need to be flexible, to vast and sprawling projects which last for months (or maybe even years). Reviewers praise it for its near endless flexibility, ease of use and optimisation when running large projects.


This offering includes a whole host of features that allows users to easily prioritise, track, collaborate and report on their tasks and progress. The pricing reflects the all-encompassing nature of Cammsproject, with the $15 option only allowing a single project workflow. Most professionals will find that they need to fork out for the full $40 version.


Confluence & JIRA $2 to $12 per user month


Both made by Atlassian, issue tracking app JIRA and collaborative working software Confluence play seamlessly together to create a powerful, and affordable duo. JIRA is designed to handle all aspects of issue, task and project tracking, and although initially created as a tool for software engineers, it can be used by anyone needing a genuinely agile project management tool.


Confluence, on the other hand, is geared directly towards the idea of collaborative working, allowing staff to work together to study, comment on, and edit documents and other work. Other add-ons are also available for Atlassian if you decide you need some dedicated messaging or calendaring applications on top of your basic project management suite.


Monday – $5 to $24 per user month


Monday, which up until recently was named dapulse, made a big splash when it burst onto the market in 2014. It takes the form of colourful, slick and intuitive dashboards which cover the entire lifecycle of a project. Go from inception to completion on a single page, complete with timelines, tasks and media. It also allows managers to see what everyone is currently working on, reducing the hands-on time needed with staff.


Monday is also full of options for communication between staff when they’re working on the projects. These allow workers to have discussions with immediate context to the task at hand, eliminating the need for excessive meetings and complex and hard-to-follow email threads.


Unfortunately, innovative project management solutions come at a cost, with some users claiming the price point is just too high for what’s actually on offer. Others, however, love it. They offer a free trial, so dig in and see if Monday is right for you.


Slack - $0 to $12.50 per user month


Slack is different from all of the other entries in this list, in that it’s more of a communication platform rather than project management tool. By integrating all of your day-to-day software and tools into one system, it allows teams to communicate and work together with ease. With excellent search features and support for phones and tablets, this is a great addition to any office wanting to foster a highly-collaborative working environment.


On top of all the excellent features, the price makes it an ideal choice for small and large teams alike. The free version allows you to carry out a significant amount of work through the system and is perfect for smaller companies. The paid versions include more options and benefits for teams and even allows simple exports of data for compliance reporting.


Trello – $0 to $21 per user month


The Kanban method of project tracking was developed in the 1940s for just-in-time manufacturing, but is still extremely useful for many industries and applications today. If you’re more worried about tracking the progress of individual tasks and projects rather than overall control, Trello could be the application for you.


Those performing complex relocations and other work will undoubtedly find Trello too simple for what they need, but many find it useful for tracking more straightforward day-to-day activities. The paid version includes more features geared towards team working such as the integration of other applications, but don’t go far enough to help those working on complex projects.


Wrike – $0 to $35 per user month


The great thing about Wrike is that is scales well, from small projects to large. This makes it an ideal choice for both smaller businesses, and teams that tend to work on both simple and complex projects. If you’re just starting out, you can sign up for free for access to their basic task listing tool for smaller teams, and then steadily add in the extra paid features when you need them. Real-time editing is also included, so you don’t have to worry about your staff receiving outdated information from the system.


Wrike isn’t the prettiest project management tool out there, but it is intuitive and straightforward, so your existing team and any new hires can pick it up fast and get to work, without having to worry about extra training. They also offer a limited free trial of the whole product so you can dig deep before you commit. Add in excellent tech support and self-help guides, and Wrike is a star of project management tools.


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