Top 3 Alternatives to Topia

What is Topia?

When trading as MOVE Guides, Topia was a pure relocation management company, but after their acquisition of Polaris at the beginning of 2018, the rebranded enterprise has offered a full technology solution to their customers, calling themselves the first complete global mobility management platform. Five interconnected products make up their relocation solution; Manage, Pay, Move, Plan and Go. Topia is one of the largest players in the relotech field.

With features spanning taxation and payroll, immigration, global moving and workflow management, Topia Global Mobility Management Suite has tools covering all aspects of global relocation, however, this makes the tool expensive, and too large in terms of both scope and price for many organisations. There also may be problems bringing your existing provider network onto the platform with you, as they have their existing service providers already in place.



 Topia Features:

  • Five products covering the relocation lifecycle
  • Features covering all aspects of mobility and HR, including payroll, taxation and immigration
  • Large network of integrated services
  • Built-in mobility cost calculations and projections
  • Rapid customer support system


Although they offer a comprehensive solution, you may find that the Topia brand of global mobility management software is not for you, and their pricing is too expensive for your program. We’ve analysed the functionality and benefits of the three best Topia alternatives so that you can find the relocation platform for you.


Top 3 Alternatives to Topia

          1       Servicengine
          2 ReloTalent
          3 Equus Assignment Pro






Built around a core that is focused upon program management, Servicengine is a toolset which encourages mobility teams to reconsider their workflows and policies to improve their practices. Their proprietary “Intelligent Automation” combines your process optimisation and decision support to help you build a more agile team and global workforce.

Servicengine also offers to fully automate your financial processes, including tax and compensation, to provide users with a more consistent and compliant structure across their global relocation program.



Why Servicengine?

  • Bring assignees into the planning process with core/flex benefits
  • Accelerated expense approvals
  • Integrated tax and payroll features
  • Up to five salary calculations per assignment

Why Topia?

  • Access existing service providers and services
  • Real-time cost planning data
  • Assignee portal and mobility app





Initially launched as a relocation management platform for service providers ReloTalent has evolved to a complete and comprehensive HR software, providing a 3-in-one strategy of management for the entire global mobility lifecycle. With three environments for HR, vendors and assignees, like Topia, ReloTalent offers a complete global mobility management software platform.

ReloTalent let you tap into their existing network of quality providers, or give you the opportunity to bring your own service providers with you onto the system so that you can all take advantage of the myriad management, communication and collaboration features. Their integrated cost projection and salary calculation tools also offering unlimited use, which could cut costs significantly for organisations where these are routinely completed externally.



Why ReloTalent?

  • Established network of quality service providers
  • Integrated financial and vendor management tools
  • Unlimited cost projection and salary calculations
  • Great employee experience with a mobile app environment

Why Topia?

  • Integrated payroll and immigration services
  • Interactive city guides
  • Consulting services


Equus Assignment Pro



Much like its competitors, Assignment Pro has decided to tackle the many questions around relocation management by creating four separate sections to the platform, each catering to a separate global mobility need. Designed to work together in harmony, these distinct toolsets also integrate seamlessly with the rest of the Equus Ecosystem. Therefore, Assignment Pro is an excellent choice for those already family with the parent company’s other software.

Assignment Pro also taps into to Equus’ existing skillset around financial matters to provide a suite of tools around compensation, taxation and repatriation, to automate these tasks where possible. Like the other companies on this list, much of their focus remains around improving the employee experience of the benefits of everyone involved.



Why Equus Assignment Pro?

  • Four platforms covering different relocation needs
  • Focused tools for separate tasks and mobility requirements
  • Simple integration with other Equus software
  • Integrated policy, cost and compensation calculation options

Why Topia?

  • Comprehensive expense and payment tracking
  • Integration with third-party HRIS systems
  • Automated pre-authorisation and initiation workflows


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