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No matter where you are in the global mobility industry, the management of compliance, vendors, relocation costs, and employee experience can be a complicated and time-consuming process to get right. Thankfully, many businesses over the years have stepped up to provide global mobility management software solutions that allow global mobility professionals to manage their day-to-day work and tasks better. This week, Global Mobility Insider takes a look at some of our top global mobility management software picks, to see what they can offer you.


1.      ReloTalent

ReloTalent is one of the newer Global Mobility management platforms on our list, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in features; providing comprehensive management, tracking and reporting across the software. For example, HRs can perform cost and salary projections, track their key data and workflows and initiate their service providers all in a centralised and compliant way.


ReloTalent has grown from offering provider-side global mobility technology and now has a network of providers already using the technology on a daily basis. This means HR teams are able to initiate, share and get reporting with their existing providers or providers they choose from the network. Because ReloTalent is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, similar to a Workday or SuccessFactors, it is available on the go and without installation; just with an onboarding configuration. We found ReloTalent to be at a very reasonable price point – in fact, they are the only provider here to display their pricing on the website. In addition, they offer a no-obligation free trial, available online so you can try before you subscribe.




2.      Topia

Created after the acquisition of Polaris Global Mobility by MOVE Guides, Topia provides one of the most comprehensive assignment management platforms on the market, with five separate partitions to the platform; Manage, Plan, Pay, Go, and Move. Partnering with Polaris Global Mobility allowed the business to expand their retinue of services significantly to include taxation, payroll management, immigration and global moving services.


Topia is primarily focused towards providing HRs with a tech solution and consulting for global mobility management, but might not bring attention to the work of service providers outside of their own network. This makes it a reliable option for HRs in large businesses wanting to integrate many aspects of their activities into one place, but not those who have an existing network of relocation service providers that they want to continue working with.




3.      Equus Assignment Pro

Another big player in the global assignment management space, Equus, has tackled the question of Global Mobility software by releasing four separate platforms, each catering to a global mobility need. Although these platforms do work well together, those looking for a solution to multiple mobility-related issues will have to invest in more than one platform, raising the financial outlay.


The benefits of having the separate workflows split between platforms are that each one can be a more focused package for tasks and processes at hand, whether it be assignment tracking or immigration compliance. This makes the Equus platforms an excellent solution for teams that tackle one specific part of the assignment lifecycle.




4.      ReloTracker

ReloTracker is undoubtedly one of the most established relocation management platforms available and is well known across the relocation industry. Unlike other software in this list, ReloTracker does require an installation across your business, which can take time and removes the possibility for a proper trial of the platform before committing to it. Additionally, purchasing a one-time licence of the software could be a huge cost for some when compared to the monthly rolling contracts of other platforms.


One of the benefits of using ReloTracker is that it is surely one of the most experienced technology vendors for destination service providers. As such, it provides a comprehensive offering, and they will have likely heard and dealt with any specific requests for support that you may have, should you decide to handle everything in-house.




5.      MoveAssist

As the name suggests, MoveAssist is a relocation-focused global mobility management platform. They started from a solution for moving companies and have also more recently developed an HR-side software called Mai Assignment, which focuses on improving the experience for HR professionals by providing a more modern and accessible platform than some of the legacy global mobility management options.


Mai Assignment provides assignment and task tracking tools, alongside reporting dashboards for your stakeholders. Assignee and vendor portals round out the offering by ensuring you can easily stay in contact with your transferees and destination service providers at all times.





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