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The GDPR is almost upon us, but what if you’re only just hearing about it now? This week Global Mobility Insider looks at the last-minute preparations that everyone should be doing, whether you’re GDPR ready, or have no idea what it’s all about.
GDPR is being seen as a significant burden for businesses across the globe, with many believing that only customers will benefit. This is not the case as there are many potential improvements that organisations can pull out if the legislation is viewed and applied properly. The third part of Global Mobility Insider’s series on risks and rewards looks at some of the best opportunities for service providers.
The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation within the European Union in May 2018 will change the face of data protection for everyone. Those working in global businesses such as the relocation industry are especially at risk, due to the different personal data security laws found across the globe. Get the facts in the second part of Global Mobility Insider’s series on GDPR risks and rewards to prepare now before it's too late.
The new global data protection regulation (GDPR) from the European Union is going to change the way businesses across the globe handle data protection. Global Mobility Insider’s new series investigates how these changes in legislation are going to bring both risks and rewards for the relocation industry. Our first article looks at the potential challenges for destination service providers (DSPs).