Fernando Nobrega – HR Analyst at Edenred Group

HR Analyst and Global Mobility Specialist, Fernando Nobrega, has been an HR Analyst for Edenred Group, since 2009. Edenred Group is the pioneer for employee benefits and expense management in Brazil and is one of the world leaders in prepaid corporate services.

Mr Nobrega talks to Global Mobility Insider about how Edenred Group’s services influenced their internal HR process. Learn more from Mr Nobrega’s full interview below.



Q: Can you give us a brief description of Edenred Group’s services and your role in the company?

In Brazil, the solutions offered by Edenred can be divided into three families, with products that provide welfare to workers and support better companies’ performances:

  • Benefits to the Worker: in the area of food and meal-agreement (“Ticket Restaurante and Ticket Alimentação”), transport (“Ticket Transporte”) and culture (“Ticket Cultura”).
  • Expenses Management (Ticket Log and REPOM);
  • Incentives and Rewards (Top Premium Cards, “Presente Perfeito” Cards).

As for my role in the company, currently, I am working in the Corporate HR, supporting the head of Benefits and Private Pension Plan area. I also worked in the compensation and mobility area. In fact, I supported my headquarters in the arrival of foreigner employees to Brazil, in terms of visa, Brazilian documents, compensation, etc. Annually, we did the salary review of expatriates, maintenance of documents and foreign exchange adjustment.


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Q: How does working in a company specialising in employee benefits and expense management facilitate the execution of your Global Mobility strategy? 

In Brazil, I understand that it is easier because we have a law (PAT – Programa de Alimentação ao Trabalhador) that supports our product. Besides, we were the pioneers here. All this helps in increasing sales and cards emissions, which makes Brazil one of the most responsible for the company's result in the world.


Q: As an HR Analyst, what kinds of trends are you seeing the HR and Global Mobility industry this year?

I’ve seen companies invest more and more in people, in addition to investments in statistics applied to people's behaviour (People Analytics). I understand that this influences the flow of people between countries (we are looking for talent around the world), but the exchange rate can get in the way, mainly for Brazil.


Q: What are the most challenging tasks in your role as HR Analyst?

As an HR Analyst I think my most challenging tasks are:

- Demonstrating to leadership that people are the major responsible for the company’s results; 

- Demonstrating that managers need to be prepared to get the best results from the teams;

- Demonstrating to the leadership that motivated and empowered people to get better results.


Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to build a career in HR and global mobility?

I understand that someone who works in HR and mobility should have diverse characteristics and competencies, for example, be resilient, have empathy, have intercultural competencies, etc.

In addition, I believe that HR is a strategic partner and, therefore, should be in keeping with the company's business.


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