Medha Rishi – Head of Global Benefits, Global Mobility, and International HR at Square

Ms Medha Rishi is the Head of Global Benefits, Global Mobility, and International HR at Square, a multinational financial services and mobile payment provider. Ms Rishi has been handling global benefits and HR for over seven years. She is also a current active Board Member of Global Benefits Association.

Learn more about Ms Rishi’s experience and expertise in Global Mobility in her full interview below.



Q: Can you tell us about Square and your role in the company?

Square, Inc. is a financial services, merchant services aggregator and mobile payment company based in San Francisco, California. We basically create products and services that push boundaries and innovate business, promoting our underlying mission of global economic empowerment.

As the head of global benefits and mobility, I am responsible for ensuring compliant and competitive total rewards offerings to all of our employees; including management of mobility functions surrounding immigration, relocations, workforce planning, etc.


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Q: Does Square’s payment technology influence how you process employee benefits and payments within the company?

Where the opportunities exist such as utilising Square Cash and register for certain payments and processes, we most definitely leverage our platforms.


Q: What are the biggest challenges as the head of global benefits and mobility for Square?

Always staying a step ahead of infrastructure and processes proactively, given our tremendous growth and new market expansion globally.


Q: Does the management of global benefits and mobility change depending on the industry of the company you’re working for?

Absolutely, but with a grain of salt to that statement. The fundamental skills of strategy and tactical deployment are consistent across industries, but the process of going about it all varies vastly by company culture and status.


Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to build a career in global mobility?

It is important to develop your project management skills as mobility impacts so many of the company’s workstreams. Network - Join ERC for global mobility and your local ERC chapter (BAMM in San Francisco). Through these resources, you can find educational and mentorship opportunities.



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