Michele Bar-Pereg - Founder and Managing Director - RelocateYourself.com

Name: Michele Bar-Pereg

Position: Founder and Managing Director

Company: RelocateYourself.com



Professional Background

RelocateYourself.com, Founder and Managing Director (Netherlands): 2011 – Present

Bar-Pereg Group, Owner and Managing Director (Europe): 2006 – Present

Foursquare Group, Owner and Managing Director (Europe): 2000 – 2006

EuRA, Council Member and President (Netherlands): 1998 – 2006

Formula Two Relocation, Owner and Managing Director (Netherlands): 1984 – 2000


Career Insider

Q: Why global mobility, and how did you get started in the industry?

A: I started for very domestic and personal reasons. The need to work and the paths that are closed for an expatriate who has many reasons for starting a new career and many reasons for not being able to complete their dreams and ideas in one location. Being a teacher for 7 years in Amsterdam at both the British and international schools gave me inside information on the lives, structures and needs of the relocating families. Very good grounding for my future career.


Q: What are you proud of achieving in your career and what's next?

A: Oh, so much! Turning what was a negative start in a new country into something I could, and would, never have achieved if I had not faced the issues that are common to relocation and moving. Being so successful in my first companies with so much hard work and energy but none of the IT support around today. Being the number one company for relocation in The Netherlands growing the company across Europe. Joining EuRA as a council member and becoming president. A job I loved and learned so much about the workings of relocation companies, the politics, personalities and diversity our industry can hold. Receiving a lifetime achievement award from the ERC in the USA! Selling to primacy in 2007. And now I am still here, learning a lot in the process but becoming more of an IT company combining an online concept using the bricks from traditional relocation to relocate anyone, anywhere.


Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to build a career in global mobility?

A: Look wider than the traditional aspects of the service itself. There are many elements that combine to make a relocation successful, indeed it’s not about cookie cutter packages. The human element and the needs of any corporate programme and the requirements of single IT employees, families or couples where one career will be halted needs time, money and understanding. So, embrace all IT can give you but don’t be swamped without a human touch. You define what’s a successful relocation today and with that knowledge create your services and influence your potential marketplace.


Industry Insider

Q: What aspect of global mobility is likely to keep you up at night?

A: Keeping up with ever-changing IT. Reducing costs and keeping quality. As a start-up, it gets harder to get in front of potential buyers of your products.


Q: What kind of tech or software would you suggest for global mobility processing?

A: Everything IT is out there already, mix and match, build up that way if funds are low. Make sure you can keep an eye on the development. Yes, it’s cheaper to develop in far away countries but keeping on top of the fire is not always easy.


Visionary Insider

Q: How can global mobility professionals ensure that they are handling issues of diversity and inclusion appropriately?

A: The very act of relocation means that those working in it will already be aware of diversity. In culture particularly but also in gender and the ways families and relationships are built up today. We are never surprised by what we see but act as channels taking care to include our clients’ needs and wishes and fit them into the society they are entering.


Q: If you had to pick, which aspect of global mobility is most needing change?

A: Spouse support and needs. Neglected more or less by corporate thinking. In the almost 40 years I have been in business I have been banging away at this issue and despite, books, courses, podcasts etc. there is no individual and fresh look at spousal requirements. Payable and necessary; spouse support makes an enormous difference to the success of a move.



  • Short-term or long-term assignment? Short-term for IT jobs, project work, leadership, sales and marketing need longer term.
  • Airbnb or serviced apartments? Less risk associated with serviced apartments. But eventually Airbnb will get it right.
  • Excel or global mobility software? Global mobility software
  • Lump-sum or flex-ben? Better and clearly defined methods for a controlled and wise spend in this area. Both methods have their pluses.
  • Facebook or LinkedIn? LinkedIn
  • Outlook or Gmail? Both – choice
  • Taxi or Uber? Big influence on our thinking. Both have a place, but Uber fits with our current thinking.
  • iOS or Android? iOS
  • Mac or PC? Mac for me!
  • Computer or tablet? Tablet.
  • Work hard or play hard? Getting the balance – it’s an age-old riddle!


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