Priscila Mansfield - Business Consultant - CIAL Dun & Bradstreet

Name: Priscila Mansfield

Position: Business Consultant

Company: CIAL Dun & Bradstreet




Professional Background

CIAL Dun & Bradstreet, Business Consultant (Argentina): 2019 – Present

CSM Consultoria y Servicios Migratorios, Business Supervisor & Client Support (Argentina): 2016 – 2019

Andes Lineas Aereas, Flight attendant (Argentina): 2016

BA Aesthetic Surgery, Office Manager (Argentina): 2009 – 2016


Career Insider

Q: Why global mobility, and how did you get started in the industry?

A: When I first started, I didn’t know much about the industry, except from an expatriate point of view: half of my relatives have relocated to the US, UK, Brazil and Mexico from Argentina, since they all worked at different multinational companies. My first interview was thanks to my seven years working in Puerto Madero. My interviewer knew me from there, and when he spotted me, offered a job opportunity. I started in destination services, and one of my first activities was helping out with a huge mobility firm who wanted to partner with us in Argentina. I enjoyed helping out from my position, and a few months later ended up not only in a personal meeting with them in Warsaw at a EuRA conference, but was promoted to Business & Client Support for the area, where I would later become supervisor.


Why global mobility? It basically started as a coincidence and some curiosity, but once I got an insight of the industry, I felt I just belonged there. Like if all my previous jobs experience had led me through that path. I enjoyed every international conference I attended, and as a result we had plenty of new partners and customers from several countries.

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Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to build a career in global mobility?

A: Aim high and build bridges. You never know how far you can get, so never lose hope to achieve your goals. The relations you make can result in good business for your company and even better, good friends and colleagues along the path for yourself. Spend time connecting with others in the industry, and you will find yourself learning much more from different cultures.


Industry Insider

Q: What aspect of global mobility is likely to keep you up at night?

A: Keeping me up in a positive way, I would say the many ideas that come to you once you see your goal getting closer, it is that excitement you get when you enjoy what you do and are just too happy to go to sleep. Though I must say I spent a few nights working hard in finding solutions to urgent matters immigration wise when times were challenging.


Q: What is the most important strategic tip you can give to companies handling global mobility?

A: For the mobility companies that do not have offices in several countries, find good partners in each city you aim to expand to. Associations like TIRA (The International Relocation Associates) can be really helpful for instance.


For companies handling global mobility with a large number of expatriates, or even a few, ask several references from actual clients before you decide what company will handle your employee’s future. You can always ask for a Business Information Report that is even better for making better decisions.


Q: What kind of tech or software would you suggest for global mobility processing?

A: I would start with Supplier 360 or Compliance Watch from CIAL Dun & Bradstreet now that I am familiar with the services, it is always good to know who you are working with, all along the way. Also, you need good software to keep track of every service you provide. We used ReloTracker at the mobility company where I worked previously, and I think there are other software that could help too. For business it is crucial to be able to have a good CRM too.


Visionary Insider

Q: How can global mobility practices get better in the next 5 years?

A: By keeping up to date with local and international laws and regulations, by keeping compliance, anti-Bribery, and GDPR as a top priority, and last but not least, by actually caring about the expatriates, partners and employees by listening to their needs. We always work better as a team.


Q: What more can be done to improve current global mobility practices to benefit talents on the move?

A: Offering a variety of services based on expats needs, can potentially make a company grow. Also making sure the benefits are far more convenient than his/her actual work situation. And making the whole moving experience worth the change, by offering better access to information about the new city, for instance.


Q: What are the major developments you currently see happening in the industry, and how do you feel about them?

A: GDPR has taken a few steps up regarding relevance and I think it is important to keep it in mind. Also, technology has an important role, so investing in this area is crucial to stay in tune with new generations and reach out for expansion. Budget and economy play a huge role, so adapting to a changing environment could be challenging but necessary.



  • Short-term or long-term assignment? Long
  • Airbnb or serviced apartments?  Serviced Apartments
  • Excel or global mobility software? Global Mobility Software
  • Lump-sum or flex-ben? Either
  • Facebook or LinkedIn? LinkedIn
  • Outlook or Gmail? Gmail
  • Taxi or Uber? Uber
  • iOS or Android? Android
  • Mac or PC? PC
  • Computer or tablet? Computer
  • Work hard or play hard? Work Hard

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