Learn how HR & Global Mobility veterans in leading companies manage mobile talents and their assignments as they share what a day in their line of work is like.

Junxian Lee - Co-Founder and CEO - Moovaz

Junxian Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Moovaz shares his thoughts on opportunities for entrepreneurs in the global mobility sector and the importance of properly leveraging technology and analytics for the future with Global Mobility Insider. Read more in his full interview.

Jeroen Brakenhoff - Owner - Global Mobility Nomad

Jeroen Brakenhoff, Owner of Global Mobility Nomad in the Netherlands talks to Global Mobility Insider his entry into the industry, the complexity of relocations and the importance of proper knowledge transfer. Read more in his full interview.

Margot Andersen - Founder and Director - Insync Network Group

This week Margot Andersen of Insync Network Group and talentinsight Australia talks to Global Mobility Insider about her experiences working with expatriates, how important it is for companies to focus on assignees careers and personal development, and the need for increased agility across the sector. Learn more in her full interview.