Bienvenue! A New French-Speaking Relocation Network is Announced



With millions of French-speaking professionals found across the world and a growing trend of global mobility, there is an increasing demand for Francophone relocation support. This October, 15 relocation companies met in London, UK to launch Bienvenue! The proposition provides:

  • Full support for relocating French-speaking families, whatever their destination in the world.
  • A guarantee that all relocation services are delivered in French.


As well as providing invaluable support in French, the Bienvenue! network is also guaranteeing to provide a high-quality relocation service, with members agreeing to meet strict membership criteria and adherence to a code of conduct.

"All of our members are independent, small to medium-sized relocation companies. They provide access to a French-speaking team in the assignee’s chosen destination, and have the satisfaction of their clients at their core, whether they are a business or an individual."

                Sylvie Froger – Director of Bienvenue!


The network currently covers 18 countries across the globe including Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Singapore and the United Kingdom, with more destinations planned for the near future.

"The Bienvenue! network allows assignees to benefit from a world-class service, regardless of their point of departure or destination. Initial feedback from the Human Resources community is extremely positive. HR Directors immediately recognised the added value of a quality service conducted locally in the mother tongue of the expatriate and their family; a winning combination for successful relocations."

                Sylvie Froger – Director of Bienvenue!


Learn more about Bienvenue! here.


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