Crown Worldwide Group Appoints New Head of Crown Relocations


Crown Worldwide Group announced the appointment of Sherry Liu as the new Group Vice President of Crown Relocations. She will be heading the company’s business development and implementations of Crown’s new plans for their customer market, a part of what they call “Customer for Life” initiative.


Ms Liu has been with Crown Relocations for over 18 years and held different high-level positions in different parts of Asia. Most recently, she has been the Regional General Manager for Crown Relocations Greater China & Philippines. She will continue to be based in Crown’s Hong Kong office.


Crown Worldwide Group’s Regional Managing Director (North America), Jennifer Harvey, comments:

“We are delighted to have Sherry driving growth in services to private customers. She has a track record of engaging global teams and technology innovation – critical to today’s private proposition. Today, more people move for the personal experience and quality of life; and more employers are taking a hands-off approach when it comes relocation, allowing people to make their own choices. These trends mean growth and opportunity in the private sector.”


To learn more about this new appointment, read their full press release here.



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