Graebel Launches New ‘Return on Mobility’ Tool



Graebel Mobility PathBuilder℠ was launched by Graebel Companies Inc. as a step up for measure ROIs in a Mobility assignment. The PathBuilder aims to go beyond benchmarking ROIs in an assignment to quantify the success of it. It assesses data-driven stories to align mobility plans with the company’s metrics. The tool will provide answers on how to properly measure Talent Mobility through the use of data-driven technology.


Graebel’s Vice President for Consulting Service, Tim O’Shea comments:

“My word of advice for organisations that are trying to change the way that they measure themselves, is to start small. Get executive sponsorship, get buy in on those and then you'll really see how senior leaders start ask more questions about mobility...”


Learn more from Graebel’s information page here.

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