The Ascott Limited Acquires Synergy Global Housing



The Ascott Limited is now one of the biggest global serviced apartment and hospitality companies in the world through the acquisition of Synergy Global Housing. This acquisition will triple Ascott’s 1,000 units in the US and help the brand transform into a globally competitive company.


The Ascott also recently acquired Quest Apartment Hotels, one of the largest serviced residence provider in the APAC region. These recent acquisitions move the company further into their expansion plans and increase their presence around the world.


Ascott’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lee Chee Koon comments:

“With the acquisition of Synergy as well as our earlier investment in Quest, Ascott is gearing up to transform our business to become an even more active and dominant player in the hospitality eco-system. As we move up the value chain to acquire strong operating platforms globally, we are getting closer to our customers, understanding their needs better and thereby improving our service and product offerings to them. The synergies to be realised with these majority-stake acquisitions will propel Ascott's growth at an unprecedented pace.”


Learn more about this acquisition in Ascott’s full press release here.


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