Weichert Workforce Mobility Acquires TheMIGroup



Weichert Workforce Mobility has acquired TheMIGroup, a top global relocation service provider to strengthen Weichert’s as the global mobility industry’s largest independent relocation management company.


The acquisition aims to combine the two companies’ expertise local and international mobility solutions offering a better service to clients through the unique combined strengths of both companies. With TheMIGroup’s expertise in moving and freight-forwarding and Weichart’s strong global mobility management, the company will have a good development for enriched services in global mobility and relocation.


President of Weichert Workforce Mobility, Dave Bencivengo comments:


“As independent, privately-held companies since inception, both Weichert and TheMIGroup have fostered client-centric cultures where leaders are empowered to collaborate, innovate and pursue long-term visions without layers of bureaucracy or shareholder interference.

By bringing these companies together, we are furthering our commitment to the industry, creating the provider-of-choice for organizations seeking robust global capabilities delivered with unmatched flexibility and highly personalized, Legendary Service experiences.”


Read more about this acquisition in their full press release here.



  • I think it's interesting that companies call themselves independent when they own service providers that they do business with. Yes you are "privately held" but is that really a notable advantage? Less oversight from regulators, zero transparency into financial health and more infighting from family members, is not done justice by the phrase "less shareholder interference." Is a client supposed to be comforted by the fact that Weichert gives all their real estate to Weichert agents and their household goods moves to Atlas. It hardly seems "independent" but whatever you have to tell your clients...

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