Top 2017 Talent Magnets: Switzerland, Singapore & UK


INSEAD, an internationally recognised business school, recently released the fourth edition of Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), produced in partnership with The Adecco Group and the Human Capital Leadership Institute of Singapore. 



Out of the 100 countries ranked based on their ability to grow, attract and retain talent, below are the winners and losers that emerged. ExpatFinder also covered their results last year- it is worth noting that Switzerland and Singapore postions as the leading two countries remain unrivalled.

Top 5

Bottom 5

1.       Switzerland

100. Senegal

2.       Singapore

99. Nicaragua

3.       United Kingdom

98. Bhutan

4.       USA

97. Kenya

5.       Sweden

97. Morocco

Definition of Growing

  • Formal education – number of vocational & tertiary enrolments, quality of students
  • Lifelong learning - training and development
  • Growth opportunities – virtual social and profession networks, empowerment

Definition of Attracting

  • External openness – attract business and people
  • Internal openness – social diversity (minorities, immigrants & women)

Definition of Retaining

  • Sustainability – pension, taxation, talent retention
  • Lifestyle – environmental performance, personal safety

Turning adversity into opportunity

With some 200 million people unemployed worldwide and many traditional jobs still being replaced by technology, the report calls to question, how can companies adapt with the times and tap into this pool of available talents?

Notably, a disruption in the workforce is observed, a large part of which is attributed to the millennials and advent of the digital age. There is now increased collaboration, blending of work and life, and trend of multi-careers.

Key Takeaways

  • Educate staff through project-based & experiential learning
  • Public-private partnerships to create more apprenticeships/internships opportunities
  • Foster labour market flexibility, active employment policies and business-government relations
  • Invest in upskilling and work-based training of young employees
  • Encourage autonomy and collaboration over authority and hierarchy
  • Embrace flexibility and mobility

For more, view the full infographic.



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