Canada Launches New ‘Global Skills Strategy’ for Foreign Talent



The Government of Canada launched a new visa program called “Global Skills Strategy” that aims to give Canadian employers faster and more efficient process to attract top global talent and new skills to Canada.


The visa program includes four pillars:

  • High-skilled Workers: High-skilled workers hired on a temporary basis will now be allowed a two-week processing of work permits and even temporary resident visas
  • Spouses and study permits: Open study permits for dependents and work permits for spouses will also be processed in two-weeks
  • Short-term highly-skilled workers: Added to work permit exemptions starting June 12, 2017
  • Researchers with short-duration projects in Canada: Added to work permit exemptions starting June 12, 2017


This new program aims to bring top-notch global talent to Canada and develop economic growth and middle-class jobs for Canadians.


Learn more about Canada’s new Global Skills Strategy in their official announcement here.


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